Romanian Extreme Adventure

Romanian Extreme Adventure

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The summary of the most exciting off-road event of this summer

For the motor sports fans, July represented the moth of extreme off-road. Sometime, at the end of the last month, few dozens of cars, motorbikes and ATVs took the start in Castrol Extreme Adventure or better said, in the fifth Romanian Extreme Adventure edition - the extreme off-road week. For some of them it was pure adventure, yet, for many of the competitors it was the most difficult race of their career.
Following the tradition of the recent years, this competition counting for the National Off-Road Championship (cars only - the championship is organized under the Romanian Federation of Motor Sports), began in the centre of Buzau. Motor sports fans could admire the vehicles that were about to cross the Curvature Carpathians in Dacia Square. A real off-road show was prepared for them in Maracineni, on the route arranged for the Prologue, yet the storm forced the racers to get back to town. Since the Prologue was cancelled, it was easy to establish the start order for the next day, when everybody left Buzau for Mocearu Lake. The bikers started in line and the car racers following the order of the competition numbers.

Extreme heat and rain - the key words for the extreme off-road week

Castrol Extreme Adventure arrived at Penteleu Massif after a day when the competitors faced both extreme heat and rain. For some, reaching Mocearu Lake was compared to seeing water in the dessert and for others, a solution to finally arrive at a dry place, after spending many hours in the rain.

The fifth edition of the longest extreme off-road began with two days, when extreme heat and rain were the key words. After high temperatures on July 18, on the Prologue Day, a storm swept over the route. Consequently, it was cancelled. Then, on the first day in the mountains (the second day of Castrol Extreme Adventure), after the afternoon extreme heat, while most of the racers were on route, the rain became the most difficult opponent. The situation turned so complicated because of the rain that the car racers (both Extreme and Open class), reached the camp situated close to the lake almost at midnight. The track of the day started nearby Buzau and ended in Penteleu Massif totaled over 130 km for each category. After this first day in the mountains, which was very fast in the beginning, two former competitors of this event compete for the first position in Extreme Moto class. It's about Mani Gyenes and Marton Szilveszter, which competed as a team in Romanian Extreme Adventure, two editions ago. In Moto Open class, Krisztian Nagy seemed to get rid of the bad luck he had last year, when because of the issues with the GPS lost any chance to occupy a position on the podium. Now he hopes for victory. Hobby category is animated by the presence of the one woman biker in the competition, Andreea Goga. She finished this first off-road day safely, even if in 2009 she reached the camp after midnight.

One of the most exciting check points for the Extreme Auto class was when crossing the river. Buzau River was a real challenge, since the cars drove in areas where water almost exceeded the wheels. Gigi Gavrila, Tiberiu Stan's copilot, can be considered the hero of the day. A well known driver and mechanic of the extreme off-road world, Gigi is in perfect shape and wishes he finished Castrol Extreme Adventure on the podium, even if he had a surgical intervention to solve his problems with the bypass.

The competition continues on July 20, yet, depending on the weather, it will be decided if the rest day will be moved on Tuesday or it is on July 21, as it was initially scheduled.

Today, Castrol Extreme Adventure started the adventure in the Curvature Carpathians

Even though the Prologue was scheduled for yesterday, because of the storm, the longest off-road week started directly with the first day in the mountains.

The Prologue, that was about to be held on the route prepared at Maracineni (close to Buzau), was cancelled. Because of the rain, all 74 vehicles registered for the event had to get back in Dacia Square, from the centre of Buzau. From here, they headed today to Mocearu Lake, in Penteleu Massif.

Initially, the start should have been given according to the time results from the Prologue, yet, because of the storm, the racers could complete only the reconnaissance laps. Most of the adventurers participating in the fifth edition of Romanian Extreme Adventure, named Castrol Extreme Adventure this year, succeeded in arriving safely at the half of the route. On the first day in the mountains, all the categories (extreme auto, open auto, extreme moto, old boys moto, open moto, hobby moto, ATV open side by side) had to drive for more than 130 km. Unfortunately, if yesterday storm caused a lot of trouble to the pilots, today they have to struggle against the extreme heat in the Curvature Carpathians. Waiting for the finish of the first day in the mountains, the assistance teams arranged the locations (tents, trailers, vans) where the racers will sleep as of this evening.

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